Nighten's Blogroll

A blogroll is a list of links the writer likes and wants to share.

This is a rather absurd thing to do in our day and age. We can see them as the precursor of retweet: it was a way to share your friend's content, or to hope that a bigger blog would reciprocate and put you in their blogroll. It also came from the way Google rank page based on how many time it is linked on other pages, and the authority of those said pages.

Google don't work the same anymore. Content get out of date really fast, and is produced in absurd quantity; imagine having a list of all Youtube video you liked, or every Tweets that you shared.

But that's precisely why I want to bring this old Blogroll tradition to my website : To have a curated list of link that will stood the test of time.

Here's an incomplete list of things that profoundly impacted my life, or that I just like a lot.

Founding text: Media that changed my life






Software I love