Bless List, Fuck list

Sometime there are things I'm grateful for, and things that I'm pissed about. The Bless List and the Fuck list are here for that.

I'll have for only rule that for every Fuck, there should be a new Bless, and not necessary the other way around. Gonna keep things a bit positive in this cold world.

If you are confused about something on these lists, or you disagree, feel free to send me an email to discuss it. I'm not radical about my opinion, so I'll be happy to hear your perspective and maybe clarify my position. Bless disagreement when it's done with intelligence. However, if you think something should be on these lists, fuck you. I hate being supposed to hate or love something, and even worse, being supposed to disclose it publicly.

Bless List

Fuck List

* that's a joke, I really don't mind :)