I don't want to work for social media

Published by Nighten on

Whether you want to build a business or just want to be popular, I think it is concerning that we put so much emphasis on making content for free on social media.

All of that is geared to build social status, clout, that by design platforms don't want you to use. They don't want users to leave, click on your Kickstarter link, read your blog post, explore the web outside of what they can control.

The typical example is Instagram preventing you from putting links into post. YouTube have put a lot more restriction on external links in video. Facebook warns you when you try to leave the site (or at least they used to, I have no ways to check if it's still the case)

"The asumption that Facebook is making is that my site is less trusworthy than theirs. That alone I take some issue with."

- Anil Dash "Anil Dash on The Web We Lost"

It is clear that Social Media don't have the same goal as people who want to build an audience there (at least a profitable one). But maybe it is not true for you, or maybe the platforms you use are not that bad, so let's ignore this point for now.

Being even mildly social media famous demand an extreme amount of effort and dedication. Some people hustled for years without seeing any good results. All of that for a return that, even if it was guarantee, would require so much maintenance and anxiety (algorithm change, keeping up with trends, fear of being cancelled) that it's clearly not worth it in my opinion.

When you look at a system of rules, you have to ask yourself first: "Is the game rigged?", and if so "Would it be even worth it to win?"

I don't want to encourage people to spend time on those platform, so I don't post. That's not a game I want to play.